BPM systems – automation of business processes

The most modern companies in the world

Since the 1970s and the triumph of the Silicon Valley companies in the corporate world, it can be said that the key to success and profits gained mainly lies in technology. Innovation, modernity and speed are just some of the slogans used by many young start-ups, which are temporary organizations looking for a suitable business model and are eager to invest in technology. The point at which an enterprise ceases to be considered a start-up may be when it is taken over by another company, becomes a merger or when it experiences profit-making. Today, many investors start with a similar form of business especially because of the low initial costs. The operation of such companies often require original solutions. The model of a virtual organization structure is particularly dominant, which is characterized by:

  • lack of a large physical location,
  • the main activities are based on contacts and relationships in the business environment,
  • co-operation with partner companies,
  • reduction of fixed monthly costs,
  • using the latest technology,
  • automation of business processes,
  • using systems such as CRM, Team Leasing, Sharepoint, BPM software.